It Was A Formal Affair ...

Worn by Jaime on February 17th, 2012

Well, this is me in a dress. Oh dear! I don't wear dresses ... skirts ... or shorts. Every once in a while we'll have something work related and I'm forced to dust off a dress (or in this case buy a new one because even though my kiddo is 4 years old I STILL don't fit into my pre-prego clothes). Sigh. Anyway ...

We attended a formal military awards banquet for my hubby ... he was an annual award for winner for his unit and was competing at the next level. I used to absolutely love formal military events when I was in ROTC and as a young Lieutenant and Captain in the USAF ... but for whatever reason we stopped going. When you live the military life sometimes that last thing you want to do is spend a Saturday evening in uniform ... I had a choice of dressing as a "spouse" or dressing in my uniform since I'm a reservist now. I opted to wear a dress and bring Rachel along ... for old times sake! You see ...

When I was in college and eating, sleeping, and breathing ROTC ... Rachel came to visit! I brought her to our formal Dining Out ... she was 13 and it was really a fun experience. She wore a beautiful red dress and even danced with a "college guy". I think we both remember it as a great night, I remember how nervous and excited she was to be a teenager at a college function ... awesome! So, for old times sakes Rachel ... I brought you along!

... and, it wouldn't be a journey in our shoes unless something comical happened. So there we were (Al and I), they just formally announced us and we started walking under an archway of swords that were held my the Honor Guard ... all 100+ guests watching as you make your way into the banquet room ... and then .... my heel slips out my shoe! For real people! So with the all the grace I could muster, I walked the rest of the way with a little step ... slide ... step ... slide ... step ... slide. I actually don't think anyone noticed, I'll chalk it up to a great performance. :)

So there we have it ... a formal night out in My Sister's Shoes!

I really thought I was smiling when the hubby took this pic.
Apparently I'm to the age where my mouth sags. Ha!

Our shoes with our new matching Miche Purse!

For Christmas, Rachel and I bought a matching Miche Shell for our sister Jessica! Now all three of us can carry the same Miche ... despite being scattered all over the globe! There is something comforting about slipping on "our" shell and knowing that thousands of miles away your sisters may be carrying it today too.


  1. I still share the story about going to a Military Gala when I was 13 with Shawn...He's to the point where he's like "i told me." It was, like you said, a very memorable evening for me. It was my first dance with a boy that night and a college one at that..score!! :0) I'm still laughing about the heels Jaime...I think they really bring me along with you when you wear them considering the luck they bring! ha!
    Love ya!

  2. Gorgeous picture of you Jaime!!


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