Worn by Rachel on Friday, February 14, 2010 Happy Valentines Day!

Deep breath in, exhale slight back bend, forward fold, step back right into plank, chatarunga into cobra. That sums up my evening yesterday. After quite a stressful week last week I decided to take time out to go to the gym and actually take one of my favorite classes. If I get a workout in these days its usually while I'm teaching spin, kickbox or some verson of a weight lifting class. It's a treat to actually take a class, and I equate yoga to a bubble bath..ahhhh.
Jaime, I know how much you love Yoga. So much so that you were a hair shy of receiving your Yoga Certification to teach. Everytime I attend class I think of you. So Naturally, now that I have our Shoes, I couldn't help but take you with me to Yoga class the first chance I got. I would love, love, love to take a Yoga class with you someday, but until then I'll just have you tag along in a "five & a half."

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  1. Aww, thanks Rachel! I really needed a trip to Yoga class! I'm so glad you've finally embraced yoga ... I only begged you for like 7 years! And for the record ... I do have a Level 1 teaching certificate ... I just haven't used it in a while. :o)

    Very nice Warrior 2 pose by the way!

    Namaste Sister!


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