I Brought Your "Unlucky Charm" to Poland

Worn by Jaime on March 11, 2010 - March 13 2010

This was my first trip in My Sisters Shoes! Oh, the pressure to show Rachel a good time ... in Poland! Why Poland? I took a 9-hour road trip to Boleslawiec, Poland with a group girls for some Polish pottery shopping. This was my first trip to Poland and my first "girls getaway" since having my son, Kelty, in 2007 ... it would have been a nice trip to have Rachel on ... or so I thought.

In hindsight, why I decided to take Rachel "shopping" I don't know. Rachel doesn't like to shop just to shop. She likes to shop for a purpose ... she's not a "poke through every aisle" shopper like me. Rachel is also an unlucky traveler, her travel stories are just something you cannot even begin to make up. The killer thing is; it happens EVERY ... TIME ... SHE ... TRAVELS. So bringing Rachel along via My Sister's Shoes was probably not the best idea as this trip was almost a disaster ....

The trip to Poland was smooth, the first evening in Poland was really nice, a 6am breakfast at the Blue Beet Root Inn so we could get an early start on our shopping was wonderful ... crescents and fresh coffee presented in a beautiful French Press, mmmm ... and that's where the joy ended. As I was pulling out of the parking lot in our "horrible to drive in a Europe" SUV, I ran over a piece of metal and sliced the heck out of my rear left tire. I will spare you every detail and sum it like this ...

... I believe every Polish male in a two-mile radius showed up to change my tire (it was chaotic)
... it was snowing
... we were 9 1/2 hours away from "home" and did not have a full-size spare
... they DO NOT have 19" tires in Poland
... did I mention they DO NOT have 19" tires in Poland
... just in case you missed it ... they DO NOT have 19" tires in Poland
... I do not speak Polish
... I was with 10 other women, each one vocal about the fact that the spare was not "acceptable"

Despite the "drama" over the tire, it was a nice Polish pottery shopping experience AND we made it home safely with a car full of pottery.

Outside the Blue Beetroot, our accommodations for the trip. The Blue Beetroot was absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed homemade Perogies each night for dinner!

Obviously Fix-a-Flat was not suitable for the job but this was an attempt to add a little humor to the situation!

We finally got to put our feet up.

A glimpse at "the loot".

Rachel, I hold out hope that the we have left the "unlucky charm" in Poland and our future walks together will be a little less bumpy.

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