A Brief trip to Charleston,SC & Washington D.C

Worn by Rachel on December 12, 2009 - December 18, 2009

Before I sent Jaime My Sister's Shoes I took her to Charleston, SC with me and my husband. This is an annual trip that Shawn and I take before Christmas, for shopping at the Charleston markets. I knew Jaime and I would have fun together in Charleston with all it has to offer, now I had the chance to show her a few of it's historical sites, popular Rainbow Row, shop for a Sweet Grass Basket and of course, stop for a coffee and a fresh bakery cookie or croissant. Just a few days after our Charleston trip, Shawn and I headed north to visit his sister Ashley in Washington D.C. This would be the last trip with My Sister's Shoes before I sent them across the big pond to Germany, as a Merry Christmas present to Jaime. While in D.C., a snow storm hit us and 2' of snow covered everything creating quite a wintery scene for sipping hot coffee on the couch next to the window. Before leaving D.C and sending off My Sister's Shoes we made one last stop at a place Jaime would have gotten lost in and would have easily spent her whole day in. Although I like to think I'm a well organized person and have impressed others with my organizational skills I have nothing on Jaime, so  needless to say on a trip to The Container Store I wore My Sisters Shoes.

I wiped off the Shoes, packed them safely in a Shoe Box and set the pictures of our brief trips to Charleston, SC and Washington D.C on top. I put them in the care of USPS and waited anxiously for their arrival in Germany.

I can't wait to see where Jaime takes me!

Driving Over the Raveena Charleston Bridge

Looking Over the Battery with Fort Sumter in view

Rainbow Row

The Waterfront Park

Gullah Sweet Grass Baskets at the Market

Stopping for a Coffee

Wintery Scene in Washington D.C welcomed a hot cup of Coffee

The Container Store

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  1. Just found you on the Blog Hop! I'm from Charleston and live in DC! Love this post! Still can't get used to people not calling it the Cooper River bridge! I'm a new follower :)


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