An Afternoon at the Spa

Worn by Rachel on Friday, January 14, 2010

I've had a horrible breakout on my forehead since giving up Proactive products. I was tired of them bleaching my towels, pillow covers and anything else they had come in contact with (Jaime's good towels included). I gave in to a $60 facial treatment to help rejuvenate my skin and clear up my complexion. I had never had a facial before, GASP! What better time to invite a friend, and sister, to share a girl's day at the spa. Once again, there are things a phone call just can't close the gap between miles on, and this was one of those moments. I dunned My Sister's Shoes and set out to the spa (without makeup on) for a little pampering. I felt completely naked when I walked up to the receptionist desk to be greeted by four, yes four, perky little blemish free receptionist's, "Are You Here To Check In?" I can't explain in words, the feeling to have My Sister's Shoes with me and the comfort they provide. Every moment Jaime and I had ever shared together having felt frumpy and unattractive in the company of perfectly thin, long legged, blemish free, size C model wannabees all rushed back to me. I suddenly felt the company of Jaime, her eyebrows turned in, forehead wrinkled, nostril slightly flared in a smile with her lips parted turning down as to say, "What the heck? I thought I actually did a good job putting myself together today until I ran into "them"!" The messy ponytail trend that threw my hair up in suddenly felt like a matted nest and I felt I should have second guessed not wearing at least some lip that wouldn't done any good. huhuuumm, 'Yes I'm here for my 11:30 Facial", and I thought, "do you have time to fit me in for makeup application, hair extensions and lipo on my hips and butt!?"

My Sister's Shoes kept safe in my Spa Locker while getting my Facial.
Extractions...OUCH!! Gosh Almighty! Couldn't they have at least numbed me first! Other than that, the facial was very educating. She began by asking me about my current cleansing regime and diet. She hit the brakes when I uttered "Meaningful Beauty." Apparently that is not for my skin type nor my age. I thought I'd get a head start on the wrinkles!

Goodbye Meaningful Beauty!

Hello Neutrogena!
 The first thing I did after my facial was to dump the Meaningful Beauty and purchase the Recommended Neutrogena cleansers. Jaime's I know, that's what you use already so brownie points to you. However, she said to stay away from the grapefruit (pink) Neutrogena cleansers because they are not for breakouts, only blackheads and whiteheads (not mentioned on the bottle).

I would have loved to experience this spa treatment with you Jaime, both the awkward and painful moments. Seeing as you have 7 years on me, when can I expect to stop breaking out!? Jeez-o-Pete!!

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  1. I hear ya sister! I hate it when I feel "put together" and then I step out of the house only to feel frumpy when I'm around other girls ... sigh. As far as the breakouts go; I still have my flare-up but I think the 30's will be good to you! Believe it or not, I've started getting compliments on my skin ... never thought I'd see that day!

    Thanks for the trip to the spa!


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