Fishing On the Inlet

Worn by Rachel on Saturday, May 28, 2010 

Jaime it's been awhile since I took you anywhere and I really wanted to go someplace with "you." Although entirely impractical for our 4" heels I took you fishing on the inlet. You need a tan ;0) Remember the spring break I came down to visit you and Jess (we went to the military gala). The three of us were down by the pool and some random guy had the audacity to tell you, you were so white you were opaque! Ha! Anyway, next time you come down to South Carolina you are going out on the boat with me (and Shawn). We will have so much fun blue crabbing, fishing for red fish and walking the jetties searching the large rocks for starfish and sea urchins. Can't you just smell the salt water air infused with suntan lotion and sandy beaches? Before you check out Our day on the inlet you must promise not to laugh at My white legs. This was the first opportunity this year I've had to catch any sun. Besides your still whiter than me sister!!  
P.S.Go check out the rest of mine and Shawn's day on the inlet on our blog later. Love Ya!

 Checking the line

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  1. Love it! Oh, yes ... the WHITE legs! I'm afraid to tell you mine are still just as white as ever. Now put on some shorts and get a little tan on your legs so you can sport some color for both of us! Love ya sis!


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