Happy Birthday Sister!!

Worn by Rachel on Thursday June 9th, & Friday 10th 2011

With you in Germany and me here in South Carolina the six hour time difference gave us the opportunity to say "Happy Birthday" to each other for the first time on both our birthdays! You called me at 6 pm , 12 am your time and by the time we got off the phone at 7 pm my time on June 9th and 1 am your time June 10 we were saying Happy Birthday to each other! It was both our birthdays! I thought this was the coolest ever! Later that day, for your birthday I dunned our shoes again and took you to Nacho Hippo for dinner. Knowing how much you love Mexican I couldn't think of a better place to take you on your birthday. Just the day before on my birthday, I opened the most thoughtful gifts from family with our shoes right beside me. I sure did miss blowing out candles with you on top Our Birthday Cake this year! 

Our Last Year's Birthday's

June 9th
 Trying on one my birthday gifts

June 9th
Shawn got me a Keurig Coffee Maker

June 10th
Happy Birthday Jaime!
At Nacho Hippo to Celebrate Your Birthday

Happy Birthday Jaime, Love and Hugs!

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  1. I LOVED talking to you on "our birthday" too! How often could that timing possibly happen! Thanks for taking me out for Mexican on my birthday Rachel! Love ya sis!


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