Peaceful in Mallorca

Worn by Jaime August 5 - August 8, 2012

Rachel, this was our last European adventure together before you came out to visit us in Germany take the shoes back with you.

We spent a restful few days on the Spanish island of Mallorca!  We rented an amazing villa and spent our days relaxing by the pool, swimming at the beach and exploring the island ... and fighting the mosquito's at the villa.  My word, the mosquito's were terrible.

The villa had a tree in the kitchen!

I think I had to put down the Gelato to take this pic while we were waling along the waterfront.

Pamboli!  We ate Pamboli at every meal ... seriously.  Pamboli is a specialty in Mallorca and it's light but filling and SO YUMMY!  It is basically bread rubbed with tomato, drizzled in olive oil and layered with cheese, spanish olives, tomato, green pepper, and capers.  It varied slightly from restaurant to restaurant but they were all fantastic!

... and one last pic just hanging at the villa.

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  1. Mouth is watering, Pamboli sounds amazing! It's funny you mentioned having to put down the gelato to take a picture..I could eat my weight in it! Yummo!


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